7 Piece Deluxe Dog Agility Equipment Set

Boost your dog's health and agility.
Ideal for health-conscious owners and those training their dogs in agility sports.

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Material: 190T Polyester, PVC Poles

Regular Tunnel: 10’ long x 24" diameter

Chute Tunnel: 5’ long x 24” diameter

Bar Jump: 26" wide x 34" tall

Tire Jump: 24" in diameter. Adjustable from ground to 34” high.

Weave Poles: 26" high, with 24” between each pole

Pause Box: 34" x 34"

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Revolutionize Canine Wellness and Proficiency

Offers an authentic agility training setup for serious trainers and enthusiasts.

Enhanced Fitness Benefits

Durable and Safe Construction

Easy Setup
and Storage

Easy Setup and Storage

Train Like a Star

Sara Carson, renowned as a celebrity dog trainer, has gained widespread recognition for her innovative training methods and remarkable skills in dog agility and trick training.

Watch how Better Sporting Dogs' 7 Piece Dog Agility Set is perfect for both novice and experienced trainers, and how it aligns with Carson's innovative approach to enhancing canine skills and strengthening owner-dog relationships.

What You Get

Agility Kit Components

2x Jumps
2 standard adjustable jumps

Tire Jump

A specialized tire jump

Weave Poles

Set of six fixed-base weave poles for agility drills.

Pause Box

A pause box to incorporate discipline.

2x Tunnels

Standard Tunnel with 4 sandbags

Chute Tunnel with 2 sandbags

Versatility and Usage

  • Total Pieces: 7 pieces of equipment for creating diverse agility courses.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Lightweight, durable agility materials that can be used indoors or outdoors for practicing in all weather.

  • Weather Adaptability: Suitable for all weather conditions, enhancing training flexibility.

  • Portability: Comes with carrying cases for each piece of equipment for easy transport and organization.

  • Suitability: Designed for dogs of all skill level, breeds and sizes.

Order Now to combat canine lethargy by promoting physical exercise and mental stimulation.
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What Our Customers Say

Wow, this agility equipment for our pup is awesome, it’s everything you need. Glad they came with some nice carry bags to to store away or throw in the back of your truck. Looking forward to buying more as our 1.5 yr old Indiana Jones learns to do more. Thank you.


I love it! The quality isn't bad, getting together only took 30 min! And by far I'm in love! My girl loves it too and we are excited to start our agility practice at home! Worth every penny, would for sure buy from this seller again!!

Jackie K.

The Deluxe Agility Course from Better Sporting Dogs has elevated our training. Its variety boosts my dog's agility and obedience, and its quality and portability are impressive. Truly a worthwhile investment for more effective training.

Paula M.

The Story Behind Better Sporting Dogs

Owned and operated by Andrew and Stacey Hoffman, Better Sporting Dogs was founded in 2018, in an attempt to provide affordable and suitable agility equipment that was perfect for small backyards. 
A few months after the initial idea, Better Sporting Dogs was launched on Amazon, and it sold out within a month. This success highlighted a community of dog owners with a similar need for agility equipment.
Better Sporting Dogs equipment is made with customers in mind and all the products constantly evolve based on input from customers.

Leap Towards a Stronger Bond

Enhances the relationship between you and your dog through quality time spent together.

Strengthens fundamental obedience skills through consistent training.

Teaches your dog new and diverse agility skills

Challenges your dog's intellect, making them smarter and more mentally engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

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